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Traditionally mid and little company ERP details perform divided between Features GP formerly known as Great Flatlands and Sage products such as MASXXX. Plus opponents from the little accounting provides contains QuickBooks, Apple Tree and similar brands. We see some evidence that SB1 is very well-known in such places as Brazil and Spanish speaking Latin America. Plus it is near by in such essential places as European Federation and Chinese suppliers and this fact causes it to be well-known in hub-and-spokes ERP framework where you have to take advantage of something simple in foreign subsidiary with consolidation to Corporate ERP in the Headquarters. Let’s take a look at its performance and technology:

1. Three Tiers Architecture. It could be described as having Database, Program Server and Client Interface levels. In such choices personalized system designers are barred from doing immediate details feed or update via SQL Insert or Update claims and similar constructions. Everything should be done through system server which has efficient mechanisms to go returning again failed databases availability. If you would like to system personalized growth we advise you either to do it via Program Development Kit or in Information Transfer Workbench. There are growth third party sources as well but outside of the opportunity in our publication

2. Batch Posting mode in evaluation to document posting to Typical Balance aspect upon its saving. If you know mid-market accounting provides such as Features GP for example you might be curious what happens when I protected something like AR Invoice in Organization One. The reply is it is documented in the aspect as well in GL as permanent history with recognized earnings and value of products sold. This was originally little company ERP system with reasonably simple performance. To be able to present you with the concept on what you are really creating in cash centered accounting technique (opposite to accrual technique as it is essential for bigger companies) SB1 allows you to restate fiscal opinions from accrual into cash base

3. MRP. There is MRP wizard intended to boost your inventory replenishment by optimal quantity level or directly on earnings or manufacturing buy. In version 8.8X we see substantial improvement with the introduction of Purchasing Quote which could be used in requisition management and all sort of tenders where you have to document suppliers bids and creating choices on the cheapest selection

4. Discrete Manufacturing. It's clear and understandable but it has such cool functions as disassembly invoice of fabric helping you to disassemble returned finished product make its elements returning again on the shelves

5. Customization directly in choices. If you were operating in ERP talking about to company over the periods in late 1990th you probably keep under issue how complex it was to add personalized position offer entity or make new personalized desk and associate it with client customer interface. We think that SB1 architects were acquainted with this matter and designed client described places and tables adding function which immediately creates client customer interface to acquire availability and edit these newly designed objects

6. Incredibly Reports. This means for handling verifying, such as personalized earnings commission, client statement or project profitability. There should be durable persistence for Incredibly as SAP acquired Organization Objects or former proprietor of CR

7. Competition. There might be several to consider especially Sage MAS 90 and Microsof company Features GP Organization Ready. Popular migration way to SAP B1 is from Great Flatlands Comprising DOS as well as QuickBooks and Apple Tree. If you are considering abandoning GPA for DOS we would like to realize that there is migration system to Features GP and when you purchase this route you are skipping details modification to SB1. It is possible to eliminate Great Flatlands Accounting professional details via ODBC connection in Persistent SQL Management Center. We do not recommend strong conventional details company, cleaning and migration from GPA to SAP BO

8. Second Opinion. Accounting system performance tasks have reasonably outstanding results rate however there are failed cases. Normal way to the way out of crisis is via second perspective. Consulting organizations have their specializations and of course awesome and flaws. If your reseller was outstanding in earnings conversation, system earnings and customary performance it might be not an obvious fact can be expected them be equally outstanding in SDK coding or complex integrations with external databases

9. Selecting Consulting Firm. We recommend you to consider the following criteria: local in evaluation to nationwide, technical progression capabilities in evaluation to typical functional talking about to and client training and such additional criteriAs details your industry niche. If you are facing complex customization project consider somebody who functions so-called Program Development Factory

10. International Organization. Even if you have something like SAP R3, Oracle Economical details, PeopleSoft or Features AX applied in your USA centered headquarters it might be not feasible budget range the best concept to use it for little position somewhere in Brazil, Russia, Chinese suppliers or African-american where Organization One is near by and is probably better fit considering the choices magnitude

11. Industries and Organization Niches. In our concepts it's ideal for typical wholesale, solutions, light manufacturing and distribution organizations. There are add-ons to boost B1 in Retail, Manufacturer Management, SCM, Recruiting, Food Handling, Mining, International Organization and even talking about to sectors

12. We have local lifestyle in The atlanta place area, Chicago, South east California, South east European Michigan, Austin, tx, and Features sections of California. We offer customers USA, CanadAnd america, Brazil and Brazil nationwide and worldwide via web classes and mobile cell cellphone conferences (Skype is welcomed). Our consultants discuss about English, Spanish, PortugueseComputer Technology Content, European and Chinese suppliers. One of our actions is worldwide Corporate ERP and Consolidated Economical reporting
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