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Custom-built home resides plain clumsy log to appear on 2017 Guangzhou to build rich to meet first Custom-built home resides log of plain clumsy of brand of the log below banner of pictures of low level decks model wood door, will on July 8, 2017 - will appear on the 19th China first on July 11 (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition.

arrive from quantitative change qualitative change, from medicinal powder taste a brand, arrive from the tradition contemporary, arrive from home international,best price wood decking chinese board industry changes the voice of development is more and more resonant, the footstep that Chinese board industry surmounts development is sturdier and sturdier.

During producing place of a ton of pulp to grow in its with tree, be opposite environmental influence,UPM and Finnish environment arrange (SYKE) joint development gives a kind of external wall cladding for commercial building assessment related to lumber product production " ecosystem serves " method. Last week 30*70 norms, the hemlock of length 3M quotes 165 control to 1750 yuan; 30*70 norms, the Hua Qisong of length 3M quotes 1680 control to 1780 yuan.

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