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Concrete member caused by leakage of a concrete honeycomb, hemp face, exposed tendons, holes caused by water seepage in the basement, the main reason is not allowed to mix, the slump is too small, long-distance transport and freedom into wood plastic composite rails made in australia the mold height is too large, resulting in concrete segregation; local steel-intensive or reserve entrance of the lower concrete inaccessible, inaccurate or vibrated vibration leak, run-mode plasma leakage and the like.
For the above concrete should be strictly measured, stir, after long-distance transport to a second stirred. For free into the mold height is too high, you should use string bucket chute pouring boat floor replacement materials prices in uk construction program should be layered, vibrating compaction. For densely reinforced adjustable gravel gradation is large for reserved holes, pouring port should be set aside. Template should support firmly set in concrete pouring process, you should assign someone to watch "to see die."
Construction joints of concrete structures is also highly water seepage position occurs, its seepage mainly due to construction joints leaving in the wrong place; construction joint cleanup dirty, old and new concrete is not well combined; too dense reinforced concrete tamping have difficulties. Construction joints to prevent seepage site may take the following 4 x 8 ft decorative wall metal composites for inte measures: First, construction joints should be leaving in a predetermined position, waterproof floor and the weak parts should remain industrial sewing facilities, such as the need to stay on the wall set vertical construction joint, should Deformation phase consistent. Second, leaving in construction joints, and then clean up old concrete slurry, etc. should be unified deployment, carefully do a good job by hand.

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