Lying censer

Lying censer
Lying censer

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That is, "in the censer," "aroma ball." It is an ancient gadget used to make incense clothing. Because of the small enthalpy of the two annular living shafts of the device, the center of gravity is underneath, and the concentric annular living shaft functions as a mechanical balance. Therefore, no matter how the smoky ball rotates, only the two annular living shafts rotate with it, and the small can Always stay horizontal. In order to burn ignited spices in small pots, it will not burn clothing.
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The scientific structure of the common structure is similar to the principle of the trajectory of the modern aircraft used to maintain the instrument balance. In the life of the Tang Dynasty nobles, silver smoky balls have been widely used. Pre-Tang Dynasty smoked balls were still not found. The “Xi Jing Zaji” volume records: “Chang'an Ding Gong Ding slower, as often full light ... and for the lying censer, one was in the censer.
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The room out of the wind, a total of law after the absolute, to slow down for the restoration of For the transfer of the machine around the bad, and the furnace body is often flat, you can place it and you will be named."
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