Rizhao incense raw purple smoke

Rizhao incense raw purple smoke
Rizhao incense raw purple smoke

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The second poem is a seven-character quatrains. The incense burner in this poem, the incense burner peak mentioned at the beginning of the first poem, "has its peak in the northwest of Lushan Mountain with its clusters of clouds of smoke and clouds, such as the shape of Boshan incense burner." However, when it came to the poet Li Bai's writing, it became another spectacle: a topless incense burner, slowly raised a white smoke, wandering in the mountains and blue sky, the red sun shines into a purple cloud.

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This not only renders the incense burner more beautiful but also romantic, creating an unusual backdrop for the unusual waterfall. The poet then shifted his gaze to the waterfall on the mountain. "See waterfall hanging Qianchuan", the first four words is the title. "Hanging before Chuan", which is the first look "hope", the waterfall is like a huge white Lianjian hanging in the mountains and rivers. "Hanging" is a wonderful word, it turns into static, vividly demonstrated pouring waterfall in the "distant view" in the image. The first poem said that "Zhuangzai made good by doing good work!" It is this "good fortune" that can "hang" this giant up, so this "hanging" character also contains the poet's praise of the magical power of nature. The third sentence and write the dynamic waterfall. "Flying down three thousand feet", a sway, the word sonorous and powerful. "Fly", the waterfall spewing out of the scene depicted extremely vivid; "straight down", both written steep mountain steep, and you can see the urgent needs of the current, that altitude, overwhelming like in front. However, the poet is still not enough, and then wrote a "suspected Galaxy nine days," really want to fall, amazing soul.

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"Suspicion is" is worth the fine taste, the poet clearly put it in a trance, but the reader also knows not, but they all feel that the only way to write is more vivid and realistic, the secret is that the poet in front of the description has been nurtured this An image. The towering incense burner peak hidden in the clouds of smoke and mist, overlooking the falls like a fly-by-jet from the clouds, the sky fell, it is naturally reminiscent of a galaxy from heaven. It can be seen that the metaphor of "suspected Galaxy is nine days" is peculiar, but it is not spontaneous in the poem but arises spontaneously in portrayal of the image. It is exaggerated and natural, novel and true, so as to inspire the whole article, making the whole image become more colorful and magnificent, both to leave a deep impression, but also gives the room for imagination, showing Out of Li Bai kind of "Wanli Yixie, still strong at the end," the art style.

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