Stainless steel pipe classification


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Production: stainless steel seamless pipe according to the mode of production is divided into two categories and pipe, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot-rolled, cold-rolled, cold drawn tubes and squeeze tubes, cold drawn, cold-rolled steel pipe secondary processing; pipe into Longitudinal and spiral welded pipe.galvanized steel sheet suppliers

Sectional shape: stainless steel pipe can be divided by the cross-sectional shape of the pipe and shaped pipe. A rectangular shaped tube tube, diamond-shaped tube, oval tube, hexagonal tube, pipe and various sections Plus asymmetrical tubes. Shaped tube widely used in various structural parts, tools and machinery parts. Compared with the pipe, shaped tube generally have a greater moment of inertia and section modulus, a greater bending and torsional ability, can greatly reduce the structural weight, saving steel.Stainless Bar Sales

Pipe end shape: stainless steel pipe according to the pipe end state can be divided into light pipe and threading pipe (with threaded steel pipe). Threading pipe can be divided into general threading pipe (conveying water, gas and other low-pressure pipe, ordinary cylindrical or tapered pipe thread) and special threaded pipe (oil, geological drilling pipe, pipe threading for important, the use of special threaded connection), for some special pipe, to compensate for the impact on the threaded pipe end strength, usually in front of the car to conduct wire tube end upsetting (thickening inside, outside or inside and outside the thick thick).stainless steel flat bar suppliers

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