Talcum fumigating furnace in the Tang Dynasty


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The modern aromatherapy furnace and ancient aromatherapy furnace, there is an essential difference between the ancient people is in accordance with the ritual system, with incense furnace furnace;

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the modern people is to smell the taste of aloes and furnace, furnace.
The value of ancient incense burners in ethics, religion, Yangxin and so on the spiritual level, the value of modern aromatherapy furnace is often manifested in the realization of aloes fragrant tool level. The ancient incense burners, based on the requirements of incense culture; Aromatherapy furnace now, based on the sale of commercial speculation on agilawood. Obviously, the nature and function of modern aromatherapy furnace is alienated. Look at the so-called "Incense Culture" to spread the responsibility of the incense division home put those called censer things, know the distortions and cultural development of the incense censer.

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To sum up, the cultural background of all the times in the history has influenced the use and style of the aromatherapy furnace. From the perspective of mainstream style, Han and Jin Dynasties aromatherapy furnace mountain Qi, Sui and Tang Dynasties temple incense burner much of the gas, the song and Ming Dynasties Duoshifu aromatherapy furnace gas, aromatherapy furnace gas as a carpenter in the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China era aromatherapy furnace marketplace gas, burner of the era of multi inexplicable gas. Therefore, the aesthetic value and the censer, incense burners is really valuable, can agree to the ancients, and we can agree, agree to the descendants of the censer. Believe that the cultural development and gradually return to the traditional culture of fragrance lovers, in the face of "grotesque" nowadays neither fish nor fowl censer, will make a choice.

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